Thanks for listening to our friend Shawn, Jeremy, Aaron, Savage and Nick preach the good word of the National Association for Gun Rights.

We aren't going to make you read a long pitch about how great we are, so let's break it down into some bullet points:

  • We're beating the ATF in court on both Pistol Braces & Forced Reset Triggers. We're the only gun group that would even touch the Forced Reset Trigger issue.
  • We file lawsuits more often than Hi-Points get thrown into rivers.
  • We've fought hard to pass Constitutional Carry in 17 states, more than any other gun group. "Stay strapped or get clapped" are words to live by.
  • We have two full time federal lobbyists, and even more full-time state ones. If there is a politician that's actually worth a damn, we're probably on a first name basis with them. And they know our friendships only last as long as their next vote. We've been threatened by lawmakers, kicked out of Capitols, and promised that our brand of politics would ensure no one will ever work with us. Every year though, we win more fights, and they get unelected.

Our office has a vault full of machine guns, 3D-printers, and we issue carry pistols and training to all new employees. We are extremely, and unwaveringly, pro-gun.

If that sounds like a group you want to be a part of, then fill out the form below. What are we going to ask of you? We're going to ask you to call and email politicians, telling them they're going to be unemployed if they vote wrong on guns. We are going to tell you about our lawsuits and fights that we're in and ask that you get involved.

If you want to support the fight for the 2nd Amendment, fill out the form below. We can promise you'll know you're making a difference.



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